Korean Air CEO: “2022 will be a crucial year to become a global top-10 carrier”

News : ReportGroup Co. : Korean Air Date : 2022-01-03

Korean Air CEO: “2022 will be a crucial year to become a global top-10 carrier” 


Walter Cho, Chairman and CEO of Korean Air, conveyed his appreciation to the entire Korean Air team for their efforts during the COVID-19 crisis in his New Year’s address. Cho also said that 2022 will be a crucial year as the airline both prepares for the post-pandemic era and completes its acquisition of Asiana Airlines.   


(Seoul, January 3, 2022) - “It was during this most difficult time that we have achieved so much. These remarkable achievements would not have been possible without you. You are the backbone of Korean Air’s past and future successes,” shared Walter Cho, Chairman and CEO of Korean Air, in his New Year’s message, which was posted on the company’s internal site for employees on January 3.


Regarding preparation for post-COVID, Cho said, “The disruption brought by the pandemic has created a paradigm shift. And while there will be challenges ahead of us, I’m confident that we’ll step up and overcome them as we always have.”


Cho emphasized that despite new variants continuing to affect the industry, “traveler confidence will come back, revitalizing travel demand that has been dormant for too long.” He also mentioned, “Our customers prioritize safety more than ever,” and asked employees to continue to deliver impeccable safety and service excellence. 


Cho also highlighted the principles and the significance of the ongoing Korean-Asiana merger. “Upon completion of the acquisition, Korean Air will emerge as a top-10 global airline of which you, our customers and our country can be proud. This merger and acquisition is not simply the combination of two airlines; it’s a combination of two cultures that will be stronger together. It will reform the Korean aviation industry, and allow us to write a new history.”


“It will take some time for our two companies to be fully integrated, but let’s prepare ourselves to welcome our new family with open arms when we become one. Our cultures will adapt and grow together,” added Cho. 


Finally, Cho said, “I’m confident our new company will be the global leader we seek to become.”