Ground Transportation

HANJIN Logistics Corporation

Hanjin, a global logistics company, plays a leading role in the logistics industry by providing the best value to our customers with state-of-the-art logistics system and global networks.

Since its foundation in 1945, Hanjin have been pursuing a logistics outpost with the entrepreneurial spirit of ‘Contributing to society through logistics’. At 1983, we continued to diversify the means of transportation by launching the first coastal shipping business in Korea. At 1992, we brought parcel service in Korea and initiated international courier service at 1996 between major cities all over the world.
Hanjin provide customized services in various fields such as courier service, inland haulage, port handling, customs clearance, storage, equipment leasing service and etc. In doing so, we strengthen our ompetitiveness and improvement of logistics system for PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Moreover, Hanjin are accelerating to expand our businesses through establishing local subsidiaries in Russia, CIS countries, Southeast Asia, and Europe through and maintaining stable growth of businesses in the Americas and China with our differentiated global infrastructure of Hanjin affiliates.

Parcel Service Department

Hanjin introduced the first parcel service in Korea in 1992. Since then, we contributed in various way for development of domestic parcel service such as pioneered a new field of logistics in Korean market with the first automated cargo classifier, built the largest parcel terminal in Korea in 2006. Through these achievements, we could strengthen our networks and specialized service and ultimately could pursue innovation of logistics for better lifestyle.

Thereafter, Hanjin established a hub terminal for the handling of the express service to cover the increasing volume in Seoul and adjacency metropolitan area at SIFT, Seoul Integrated Freight Terminal, in 2015, which has a plan to establish a Mega Hub terminal, Daejon in Korea up to 2023 in order to provide more reliable, trustable and stable last mile delivery service to our valuable customers with Hanjin’s utmost efforts.

Hanjin has a business cooperative relationship with Nonghyup, e-Commerce companies, Homeshopping channels, Convenience stores to expand our handling service points and together developing new business services such as unmanned express box, golf bag delivery service and airport delivery service, not only that which is to newly launch a specific service for focusing an individual person who wants to send a small size box, so called “One-click express” service and continuously to prepare new service together with start-up partners, for going all together forward with the today’s changes in our industries and working environments, such as a social values creation and eco-friendly policy.

Domestic Logistics Department

Starting from introducing the container transportation system for the first time in Korea, Hanjin have been continued to initiate new logistics services such as the construction of the Private quay and the coastal liner service at Incheon Port which contributed the growth and development of domestic logistics industry..

Hanjin handle all major domestic ports with our advanced logistics equipment and infrastructures, including but not limited to land, rail and sea. Furthermore, we provide one-stop service in container, general, iron, bulk cargo and etc. In doing so, we obtained knowledge for how to handle various cargo such as bulk, grain, automobile and etc. and have one of the highest level of port infrastructure in 3 major ports in Korea, which is Hanjin Incheon Container Terminal(HJIT), Hanjin Busan Container Terminal (HJNC) and Pyeongtaek Container Terminal (PCTC).

From launching the first coastal liner service in Korea at 1983, Hanjin have expanded our service range from shipping iron products to various specialized vessels such as the only radioactive waste vessel, Hanjin ChungJeong Nuri-Ho, Heavy weight cargo vessel, Hanjin Pioneer-Ho, and bituminous coal vessel, Hanjin Green Lake-Ho. Thereby, we lead improvement on domestic coastal liner market.


In addition, to reduce cost and innovative management of each client’s logistics operation, we initiated WMS system that suits for each client’s characteristics and built warehouses at each major node. By doing so, we ensure the highest possible level of 3PL Service to clients.

Global Logistics Department

Beginning from shipping US military munitions to Vietnam in 1966, Hanjin has laid the foundations for its global business by establishing a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia in 1988. From there on, we established direct networks such as subsidiaries and local offices over 150 cities in 80 countries and indirect networks with partners and agents all over the world to provide comprehensive logistics services to meet various customer needs.

Hanjin, with its foundation of branches and subsidiaries in Los Angeles, operates sales agents in major US cities such as New York, Seattle and Dallas, and performs comprehensive logistics services such as forwarding, land transportation, air cargo terminal service and etc. 

By establishing the Qingdao subsidiary in China in 2005, we started forwarding and outbound port shipping businesses at China. Since then, we expanded subsidiaries in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Dalian, Hong Kong and Guangzhou to broaden our business scope as comprehensive logistics services, such as event logistics, inland land transportation and etc.


With international networks, Uzbekistan established in 2010, Czech in 2013, Myanmar in 2014 and Vietnam in 2016 and others, Hanjin strengthen the logistics competiveness to international freight forwarding business including warehouse storage and international courier express service to fully satisfy our valuable customers.

Hanjin operates eHANEX(, shipping agency for online overseas shopping, and provides one-stop shipping service from local distribution center to inspection, packing, customs clearance and domestic delivery. Thereby, we lead the trend of online overseas shopping.


Moreover, GDC, Global Distribution Center, will be ready to open in 2020 with upgraded IT System installed and connecting business with international freight forwarding, international express and domestics express delivery, which trustfully is to raise up Hanjin’s logistics abilities to response global e-commerce market.

Gas station /  Maintenance Department

Hanjin is carrying out maintenance and oil sales projects to secure cost competitiveness in connection with logistics and delivery services. Incheon, Uiwang, Pohang, Yangsan and other major logistics bases, we provide maintenance services for general vehicles as well as heavy equipment and military vehicles. In particular, we are strengthening our business competitiveness by establishing a service center for Mercedes commercial vehicles in Incheon, Yangsan and Ulsan areas and operating domestic and overseas commercial vehicle service centers and integrated equipment management systems. In addition, Hanjin has partnered with S-OIL to provide high-quality oil supply services at major logistics centers nationwide.


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