Thank you for visiting the homepage of Hanjin KAL, the holding company of Hanjin Group.

Hanjin KAL was established in 2013 to improve the management transparency and governance structure of Hanjin Group. Since its establishment, Hanjin KAL has been pursuing autonomy and responsibility of its subsidiary companies. 


The history of Hanjin Group began in November 1945, when Hanjin Transportation was first established. The name Hanjin means “Advancement of the Korean people”, which conveys the dedication and determination of the late Chairman Choong Hoon Cho to contribute to his nation through business. 


In February 1967, Hanjin Group founded Daejin Shipping, which became the base for its entry into the shipping industry. In February 1968, Korea Airport Service was founded, and in 1969, Hanjin acquired Korean Air Lines, which is now Korean Air. As the main subsidiary company of the group, Korean Air has established itself as a respected airline in the global aviation industry. Other subsidiaries, such as Hanjin Transportation and Jin Air, have grown into leading players in the logistics industry. 


Hanjin KAL is committed to making Hanjin Group the world’s best comprehensive logistics group, based on its excellent 70-year history. We will develop global sales competitiveness in the air transport sector, and improve productivity and the customer network in the comprehensive logistics sector. For the subsidiary companies in the hotel and tourism sectors, we will strengthen cooperation with those in the air transport sector and improve operational efficiency. Through such steps, we will continue to enhance profitability of our subsidiary companies. 


Hanjin KAL will continue to expand shareholder-oriented policies and promote the business structure of the group. At the same time, we will keep improving management transparency through continuous improvement of governance structure. 


We, the members of Hanjin KAL, will put in our best efforts to ultimately improve the corporate value of Hanjin Group and shareholder value. 


Employees of Hanjin KAL