HR Development

Hanjin Group provides organized human resources development programs for all employees regardless of their positions or role based on our education philosophy, “Lifelong learning is achieved at work”.

We continually educate and train employees with structured educational programs, which can contribute to the company’s continuous growth and employees’ self-development and enhanced performance. 

  • Korean Air Executive Development Program(KEDP), Business management courses
  • Management development courses
  • Job skill development courses such as specialized courses for each job, On-the-Job Training (OJT) Programs
  • Overseas OJT programs for new employees
  • MBA programs
  • Programs to work at an overseas regional offices and become a regional expert 
  • Overseas MBA programs for management level
  • Foreign language programs
  • Office automation (OA) programs
  • Business management course at local graduate school
  • Courses at in-house college (Jung-seok college)
  • Logistics academy programs