JungSeok Enterprise

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JungSeok Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a member of the Hanjin Group, and became the first building management specialist in Korea since Hanjin’s acquisition of the Hanjin Building in 1978. In order to strengthen its identity in the society, it constructed the main and new buildings of the Incheon JungSeok Building for lessors and management.

It plans to develop into Korea’s largest building management specialist by reinforcing its integrated services for lessees and upholding its positive corporate image. JungSeok Enterprise Co., Ltd. has shown the outstanding stability and high added-value ratio in terms of financial ratio, compared to other companies in the same field. Based on this consolidated financial basis, we plan to invest our profits gained from cost reduction, back into the leases in the near future. We will also continue to introduce and develop well-organized new building management systems, to take a leading position in the total building management business.

Total Real Estate Management System

Hanjin Building, the head office in Seoul, is located in the entrance to Myeong-dong, which is the center of commerce and transportation. This huge building is divided into two sub-buildings, main building and new building that are connected by a passageway. A separate building adjacent to Hanjin Building is exclusively used for the visitors' parking.

In addition, since JungSeok Building in  Incheon in located very close to ports, a variety of shipping companies were moved in the buildings to take a leading role in the regions’ shipping industry, and contribute to the local communities’ development. Thanks to this geographic advantage of the buildings, the other shipping companies also show high interest in moving in.


Address 501, Hanjin Main Bldg., 63, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea President Oh-June Kwon
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