Inha Technical College

Since the founding in 1958, we have contributed for the better society by nurturing professional technicians. We also have led our nation with best educational quality and over 50 years of history. As of today, we run 24 departments essential to the modern society.

Inha Technical College was founded with funds from Hawaiian Immigrants, commemorating its 50th anniversary of immigration. In February of 1954, its establishment was approved as ‘JoongAng Occupational Training College’. In 1968, Cho Choong Hoon, former president of Hanjin, took over the School Corporation Inha and changed the name of school as Inha Technical College in 1979 as we know of today. Ever since, Inha Technical College have produced nearly 95,000 graduates contributing in variety of fields to this day.

Education Philosophy

 The TRUTH is Inha Technical College’s educational philosophy. Based on this motto, our college has three educational goals, which are integral and independent INTELLECTUALS, diligent and creative WORKERS, and able and service-minded CIVILIANS. With these goals, Inha Technical College cultivates the fine character graduates with productive industrial technology knowledge and skills. For this, our college provides practical and productive industrial technology education by active research-industry cooperation and advanced and modernized educational facilities for the students.


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