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Fully dedicated to contributing to the prosperity of the country through the logistics business, Hanjin Group has been focusing on the logistics industry for the past 70 years. Today, Hanjin is a comprehensive logistics group leading the global industry. It aims to advance Korea’s economic development and enrich living standards of the Korean people.

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Hanjin Transportation Co., Ltd.
was established in 1945

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Business Areas

Air Transportation, Marine Transportation, Ground Transportation, Door-to-Door Transport Services, Information Technology, Hotels, In-flight Duty Free Sales, Tourism, Catering, Aerospace, Limousine Services, Ground Handling, etc.

Affiliates (as of 2020)

53 Companies: 31 in Korea, 22 Overseas

Financial Performance (as of 2020)

Total AssetsSalesOperating ProfitNet LossDomestic Employees
KRW 33,588 billion KRW 10,537 billion KRW 87 billion KRW  -500 billion 29,494