Medical Support

We are making efforts to globalize Korean medicine and develop local medical care.

Hanjin Group established Inha University Hospital and is carrying out various activities to improve the level of medical care, including the provision of medical support for the underprivileged and medical aid in disaster areas.

Overseas Medical Service

Overseas medical services

Inha University Hospital’s medical volunteer group provides medical services to developing countries such as Mongolia, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, etc. The medical group not only offers patient treatment, surgery and invitational surgery, but also shares advanced medical technology with local doctors, provides health education and donates medicine and medical supplies.

Overseas doctor training

Training of overseas doctors

Hanjin Group spreads advanced medical technology by providing training opportunities at Inha University Hospital to doctors from developing countries.

Island Medical Service

Island medical services

Every year, we provide quality health care to island inhabitants who are unable to go to the hospital due to the lack of medical facilities or medical personnel.

Urgent Medical Support

Urgent medical support

We dispatch teams of medical and administrative staff in the event of national disasters or emergencies to provide medical services to residents in affected areas.

Other medical support

Other medical support

Medical staff are dispatched to various sport events and official activities to help cope with medical accidents that occur at the event.

Public education promotion program

Community education programs

We organize various educational programs including vocational experience classes and Basic Life Support (CPR) education for youth in Incheon.