The future depends on training for talent development.

Pursuing the founding chairman’s philosophy, Hanjin Group has made an extraordinary effort to grow local talent for future global leadership. 
In order to foster talented individuals who can contribute to the development of the country, we will further strengthen investment and support in the education business.

Jungseok-Inha Educational/Foundation/Jungseok College

Jungseok-Inha Educational Foundation/Jungseok College

Hanjin Group supports the Jungseok-Inha Educational Foundation, and Jungseok College, an in-house technical college.

International industry-academic cooperation

International industry-academic cooperation

In order to promote international exchange and maintain friendly relations, Hanjin Group selects and trains overseas scholarship students, and supports overseas research programs.

Academic and Scholarship Program

Academic and Scholarship

In order to foster talent and contribute to the national education system, Hanjin Group provides various academic and scholarship programs to support and discover  people’s talents and achievements.