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INHA's IN stands for Incheon and HA for Hawaii. The driving force behind its foundation was the wish of a group of Koreans, who had emigrated to Hawaii 100 years ago, for the modernization of their fatherland and construction of a world-class technology institute in Korea. Starting off as Inha Institute of Technology, the university has made its every effort to nurture scientific and technical professionals and a pillar of industry. Since Inha Institute of Technology was elevated to the status of university in 1972, it has focused on science and engineering. Meanwhile, it established Law School, in order to leap toward a world-class prestigious private university "Inha", pursuing the balanced development between engineering, humanity, and social science. 15 agencies and 114 institutions affiliated to Inha University have ensured their internal stability to support the growth of university and researches. They also provide a valuable community service, based on conducting community studies and cultivating knowledge.


Inha University pursues the three educational ideals "building students' characters, searching for the truth, and serving society" in order to embody the University's founding principles of creativity, diligence and service. “Truth”, the school’s motto, indicates we as a research university endeavor to contribute to improving the nation as well as all human society, to embark on great ventures into the world, and to attain academic achievements in our quest for truth through continuous education and training.

  • To nurture talented individuals who will contribute to the better humanity, based on righteousness
  • To foster talented individuals who possess creativity in the ability to rise to the challenge with insight into global trends, while pursuing practical knowledge and truth
  • To nurture talented individuals who possess skills to lead the nation and pursue prosperity for its people

Summary of Growth Strategy



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