Inha University Hospital

Inha University Hospital was founded in 1996 as the first university hospital in the area of Incheon, to lead the differentiated medical culture in cooperation with the local community. It has been acknowledged as “the hospital to create the happy and healthy local community and the hospital to secure the utmost safety of its patients”.

Inha University Hospital was founded by the late Dr. Cho, Joong-Hoon, the founder of the Hanjin Group, with a noble spirit of sharing part of company profits into the society and repaying an obligation in 1996, as the first university hospital in the area of Incheon.

In the pursuit of its foundation ideology to become the safest hospital which considers patients’ safety first and grows in company with the local community, Inha University Hospital obtained the second JCI, global safety standard for medical institutions, following the first one in 2010 and demonstrated itself as the safest hospital acknowledged internationally for its safety.

In July 2013, Inha University Hospital became the first advanced general hospital which started to operate comprehensive nursing care wards, in order to lead improvement of hospital visiting culture and to provide comfortable and safe care services. The hospital is doing its best to help patients recover fast and return to their normal life.

In addition, it operates “Incheon Regional Cardio-cerebrovascular Disease Center”, “Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Center”, “Incheon Smoking Cessation Clinics”, and “Hospice and Palliative Care Center”. In December 2015, it was designated by the government as the regional emergency medical center equipped with the emergency medical system for increasing the survival rate of severe emergency patients. The center is dedicated to defending “vital time” in the local community.

Inha University Hospital is making the best effort to fulfill its responsibility as the representative hospital of Incheon. Under the hospital’s critical value of “harmony”, “innovation”, and “pride”, we will continue to put patients’ smile and happiness above immediate gains, share our benefits with marginalized people and create the healthy and happy local community.

Professionalism for Human

Inha University Hospital opened in 1996 as the first university hospital in Incheon, with the noble spirit of Dr. Cho, Joong-Hoon, the founder of Hanjin Group. In order to create ‘A hospital growing with local communities’ and ‘A hospital which cares patients with the best safety’, we are challenging and changing every day.

Inha University Hospital has a safe medical system that meets international standards. we have got an approval from JCI and Korean government since 2010 and 2011 respectively.

We were the only hospital which accepted a patient diagnosed with MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in Incheon during MERS outbreak in 2015. We completely cured the patient and received the utmost sympathy and encouragement from local community.

Share for Happiness

Inha University Hospital established ‘Inha Public Medical Service Supporting Group’ in 2014 and has conducted active medical voluntary activities worldwide and local community where it is vulnerable to medical care.

For local community, we carry out ‘Island Project’ which visits many islands in Incheon and provides medical services in collaboration with Incheon City. In addition, we conduct many activities every year such as 'volunteer for lonely seniors', 'briquette volunteer' and so on.

For international communities, we dispatch ‘Inha International Medical Volunteers’ to the developing countries such as Mongolia, Uzbekistan every year, providing medical services and medications. For the people who needs surgery due to the bad medical environment, we invite them to our hospital and conduct surgery.

The Best for Local Community

Inha University Hospital has an environment where patients can receive the best medical treatment and clinicians can serve the medical care in an optimal setting.

When it comes to outpatient services, ‘Specialized Health Center’ has established a multidisciplinary medical system that specializes in collaborative medical treatment and continues to innovate.

When it comes to inpatient services, ‘Comprehensive Nursing Ward’, which provides inpatient nursing for 24 hours without guardians or caregivers, has been operated the largest number of beds among hospitals in  Korea.

In addition, ‘Department of Hospital Medicine’ make patients and their guardians able to communicate with inpatient specialist quickly.


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