Air Korea is a company that specializes in air passenger transport services. We will make a continuous effort to serve all of our passengers with the utmost sincerity, having pride and responsibility in that airports are the gateway to Korea to determine the nation's first impression.

Air Korea is a company specializing air passenger transport services. We are commissioned to supply a wide range of services, such as passenger service and flight control support, by 35 airline partners at Korean airports.

Under the business philosophy of 'We exist for the convenience of our passengers', we try to discover talents through QA certification system and cultivate professionals with the systematic education in order to improve our service quality and provide passengers with the best service. We are dedicated to providing the high-quality service to ensure that all our passengers with diverse nationalities and ages have a pleasant journey. Air Korea tries to fulfill company's social responsibility in providing more jobs for the youth to contribute to solving youth unemployment. We are certified as one of the best agencies for youth employment enhancement and as the Excellent HRD Organization with our premium service system. Air Korea also received the Best Award for Workplace Innovation from the Ministry of Employment and Labor and the presidential citation for job creation. In addition, Air Korea has taken the lead in enhancing social equality to contribute to employing the disabled, realizing equal employment for men and women, and fulfilling tax obligation.


Air Korea is a company specializing in air transport, founded in May 2008, to address the needs for diversified and high-quality customer services in aviation industry. We are commissioned to supply a range of services, such as passenger handling and flight control, by 35 international airline partners at all Korean civil airports, including Incheon International Airport and Gimpo International Airport. It also contracted with Korean Air in providing assistant services for its operation and passenger traffic. We have also successfully rendered the general services for passenger transport of Jin Air, a premium low cost carrier which began its operations in July 2008.

We always try to maintain our best service quality. We operate flexible and diverse training programs, in order to meet our partners' expectations.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to make sure all our passengers have a smooth and pleasant journey from the moment they enter an airport to the moment their flights take off. We are committed to becoming a premium transport operation company of which our top priority is fulfilling our partners' expectations.

Transportation Service

We supply a range of services for check-in, immigration, departure and arrival, seating, baggage handling, Korean Air Lounge operation for international airlines and private charter flights at Gimpo and Incheon International Airports. For Jin Air which operates fleets for Gimpo, Busan and Jeju, we provide services for check-in, departure and arrival, seating and baggage handling.

Flight Support

We provide diverse services for international airlines at Incheon International Airport, such as preparation of documents on flight planning and weather information, OAL (Other Airlines) flight crew briefing, report on flight arrival and departure, and submission of ATC (Air Traffic Control) flight plan.



5 Floor, Inha International Medical Center,

84, Gonghang-ro 424 beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon, Korea

President Seung-bok Kim
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