Vision & Mission



Business strategies

Continue Expansion of Global Logistics Network

  • Create new global logistics bases at home and abroad 
  • Enhance strategic alliance with global enterprises to enlarge our network

Retain Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth

  • Achieve sound financial structure
  • Focus on profitable businesses
  • Strengthen growth engines through concentration on core business,new businesses development and M&A
  • Modernize fleet transportation facilities and increase utilization

Focus on Human Resources

  • Secure and retain talented workforce
  • Strengthen employee training and education to increase global competitiveness

Build Trustworthy Corporate Image

  • Establish transparent and advanced corporate governance
  • Strengthen corporate ethics and social responsibility activities
To be a Respected Leader in the Global Logistics Industry


Hanjin’s Credos

Innovate with Conviction
Hanjin aims to foster creative attitudes and progressive minds to ensure future development.
Serve with Responsibility
Hanjin’s guiding principles are protection of human welfare and contribution to national Prosperity
Act with Sincerity
Hanjin’s priority is customer satisfaction. We are serious about the promises we make to our customers.

Contribute to Enriching Living Standards and
Sustainable Growth

Establish Harmonious Corporate Culture
and Become a Trustworthy Company