Practical carrier based on safety at a global standard level

Jin Air is a leading domestic low-cost carrier(LCC), operating flights to international destinations in Japan, China, South East Asia, etc., since its establishment in January 2008 and launch of its first route between Gimpo and Jeju in July of the same year. In addition, Jin Air is the only domestic low cost carrier that deployed the medium and large-sized aircraft(B777-200ER), opening up the new market for long haul routes and establishing a leading position as the most practical carrier in Asia.

Jin Air focuses its energy on “ensuring the safety at a global standard level” which is its number one priority. It tries to strengthen flight safety by obtaining IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certification, part of the Aviation Assessment Program from IATA (International Air Transport Association), contracting our maintenance to Korean Air, and reinforcing safety education and programs.

Jin Air will improve core services by its refined sense while backing unnecessary services down and simplifying the complicated arrival/departure procedures and other regulations to pursue practicality. In addition, providing reasonable and competitive airfare through innovative curtailment of cost is Jin Air's young spirit of “Fly, better fly”.

As such, Jin Air hopes to become a “true practical carrier”, combining safety and practicality at a global standard level. In this way, it will head towards the goal of growing into the best LCC in Asia as “a popular carrier everybody can enjoy” and “a practical carrier selected by knowledgeable consumers”.

Korea's first LCC in launching a long-haul route

Jin Air is consistently expanding its long-haul route from Incheon to Honolulu in 2015 and to Cairns in 2016. Since Jin Air introduced the large fleet B777-200ER of which flying area reaches to the Americas and Europe in 2014, it has prepared to explore the long-haul route market, marking itself the first ever for a Korean LCC. Jin Air will continue to lead the airline market with the air services differentiated from others while creating synergy between the existing short-middle routes and the new long-haul routes.

Jin Air's Jeans Uniform

Jin Air's Jin stands for two meanings, "truth" in Korean and "jeans" in English that symbolize practicality. In this regard, Jin Air selected jeans uniform to approach customers with the friendly and comfortable image and practical services. Jin Air will continue to make the best effort to be a closer friend with customers and provide services of higher level of comfort.

Jin Air Service Guide

Jin Air Provides a wide range of charged services including ‘Genie Plus Seat', ‘Genie Play', and ‘Genie Kids Meal' for the better fly. Also, we operate a customer loyalty program ‘Nabi Point System' for customers to use mileages to get a discount or free ticket.

We also provide customers with opportunity to buy tickets at a rational price by promoting diverse discount promotions such as the online special ‘Jin Market' held biannually to sell tickets at the lowest price.



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