Hanjin 70 Years



Hanjin Transportation signs a military supplies transportation contract with the U.S. Army based in Vietnam 1966.03

Korea Airport Service is established 1968.02

Hanjin takes over the Inha University Foundation 1968.09

Hanjin takes over public-owned Korean Airlines and changes it to Korean Air Co., Ltd. 1969.03

Hanjin completes Korea’s first steel-framed building (Marine Center Building) 1969.09

Korean Air opens a passenger route across the Pacific Ocean 1972.04

Hanjin launched Inwang, Korea’s first container vessel 1972.09

Korean Air inaugurates its first B747 jumbo plane for the trans-Pacific route 1973.05

Korean Air opens its first regular route to Europe (Seoul-Paris, freight) 1974.09

Hanil Development wins road construction contracts in Saudi Arabia 1975.06

Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd. is established 1977.05

Hanjin Shipping launches its routes to the Middle East (760TEU Hanjin JungSeokho introduced) 1978.10

Inha Technical College obtains a license for reorganization 1979.01

Hanjin takes over Hankuk Aviation University 1979.01

Korean Air begins Seoul-New York passenger and freight routes 1979.03

Korean Air opens a freight terminal in Los Angeles Airport 1981.12

Korean Air manufactures Korea’s first fighter (Unit 1) 1982.09

Hanjin Transpotation Co., Ltd. starts Korea’s first coastal cargo vessel business 1983.01

Korean Air exports a ‘Made in Korea’ helicopter 1984.11