Hanjin 70 Years



Hanjin operates the first double-stack train for ground transportation in North America 1987.06

Korean Air selected the official airline of the Seoul Olympics 1988.08

Korean Air establishes its Jeju Flying School for ab-initio pilots 1989.01

Hanjin Information Systems & Telecommunication Co., Ltd. is established 1989.11

Korean Air launches a route to Moscow, Russia, through Siberian air space 1990.03

Inha Technical College establishes Aviation Education Research Institute 1991.09

Hanjin Transportation Co Ltd, establishment of Hanjin Intermodal America Inc. 1992.03

Hanjin Transportation Co., Ltd. starts small package delivery service business 1992.06

Korean Air hosts the Future Aviation Hall for the Daejeon Expo 1993.08

Korean Air creates a business partnership with Delta Airlines 1994.11

Korean Air operates planes to China (Beijing, Qingdai, Tianjin, Shenyang) 1994.12

Korean Air accepts its 100th aircraft 1995.03

Hanjin Shipping opens a specialized terminal for railroad transportation in Chicago 1995.10

Korean Air surpasses 200 million accumulated passengers in total 1996.07

Korean Air completes the Gimpo Korean Air World Headquarters Building 1997.05

Korean Air receives the Mercury Prize, the pretigious award for in-flight meals in recognition of its Bibimbap 1998.02

Hanjin Transportation Co., Ltd. completes the Guro Terminal 1998.03

Korean Air completes the Jungseok Airport on Jeju Island, Korea 1998.08

Korean Air launches ‘Sky Team’ with Delta, Air France and AeroMexico 2000.09

Korean Air opens a freight terminal in J.F.K. Airport, New York 2000.10

Korean Air completes the Incheon Freight Terminal and Cabin Food Supply System 2001.03

Inha University Hospital opens the Incheon International Airport Medical Center 2001.03

Korean Air establishes its U.S. Cargo Sales Joint Venture with Delta and Air France 2001.11

Korean Air is selected the official airline for the World Cup Soccer Games 2002.05

Korea Airport Service Co., Ltd. obtains AHM804, an operation quality certificate of the IATA 2002.12

Korean Air opens its new Training Center 2003.03

Korean Air introduces F747-400 ERF freighter 2003.06

Korea Airport Service obtains ISO9001/14001 certification 2003.07

KAL Hotel Network Co., Ltd. opens the Hyatt Regency Incheon 2003.09

Inha University opens the Jungseok Hall of Academic Information 2003.09

Korean Air wins ATW Award for Cargo Airline of the Year 2003.12

Hankuk Aviation University establishes an industrial-academic cooperation team 2004.01

Inha University holds its 50th anniversary ceremony 2004.04

Korean Air initiates tree planting campaign in Mongolia 2004.06

Hankuk Aviation University completes the Aerospace Center and Aerospace Museum 2004.06

Inha University given 4th place in the “National University Review” by Korean Council for University Education 2005.02

Korean Air presents new uniforms for all employee groups 2005.03

Hanjin Transportation establishes rental car service 2005.04

Korean Air signs a contract to introduce B787 Dreamliner 2005.04

Korean Air signs a contract to introduce Airbus A380 2005.06

Korean Air becomes the world’s number one cargo carrier in international freight carried 2005.07

Hanjin Transportation establishes Qingdao Hanjin Luhai International Logistics Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, 2005.10